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The magic night of Ancient Lights in Pärnu


I was ready to go straight home to sleep after my friend’s birthday party in Pärnu on Saturday night, but my partner Meelis, who was walking to meet me, invited me to the beach instead to see if there was anything left from the Ancient Lights celebrations. 🔥🔥🔥 The walk from the city centre to the beach was very amusive – there was singing and partying at every corner. The beach itself was pitch black and unlit. However, we took off our shoes and headed to the water’s edge. An exceptionally warm sea breeze blew against us. The base of the Ancient Lights bonfire of was still burning and there were people around it. 🔥🔥🔥 There were also candle lights here and there – lots of people had wanted to light their own fire, too. 🕯️🕯️🕯️ We started walking along the seaside closer to Meelis’ parents’ home – we needed to walk along the beach to the surf club, cross several boulevards and reach the apartment building where they lived.

We had fun, laughed and talked. We passed beach hotels and several smaller cafes or parties where people were dancing and having fun. 💧💧💧 All of a sudden cool tumbling drops of water fell on us and then hailstones. Thunder rumbled. ⛈️ We started running towards home, but the headwind was so strong that it seemed like we were standing still. A suddenly risen storm wind roar. 🌊🌊🌊 We were met by people who were probably running towards their hotels. There was screaming and yelling. I suddenly started to scream too, because the heavy hailstones rattled against my teeth, but I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut, because then I would not have been able to breathe enough, but I needed air to calm my emotions. 😁

My emotions were running high because it seemed that the wind would get even stronger, the noise of the storm even more deafening, the torrential rain and hail heavier. There was a feeling that this was the long-predicted end of the world. 🌩️ Which I dreamed of preventing through the power of our love eleven years ago, during our courtship. At least we're together. We saw all kinds of signs, signs and advertisements swaying in the wind at the surf club. It seemed that a little more and they would come loose and could hit us. And when the wind gets stronger, it takes us with it. 🌬️🌬️🌬️ It couldn't happen! I started to strengthen my grounding on the run. A grounding that I have struggled with throughout my life - it couldn't fail now! It seemed to work! I also created an energetic bubble around the two of us to protect us from the roofs and broken objects flying around in the storm. It was no more difficult to do this while running than it was in the meditation position. As if we had been practicing active meditation! Thank you Osho! Thank you Nisarga! ❣️
As we moved away from the sea at the surf club, the wind and noise also became quieter. The hail also stopped. It was still raining and thundering, but much quieter. We arrived home soaked, but richer for one adventure. The end of the world had been averted again 😊

Reet Karro
A breathwork therapist and Reiki Master